What can we do against paper waste?




As a Visual Artist i have sadly wasted a huge amount of Paper while Scribbling, but i have to practice my skills somehow, don’t I? 


With this approach, I started looking for alternatives and the iPad Pro 12.9 "from Apple turned out to be my absolute favorite.


The size is similar to a DIN A4 sheet and there are many great apps, which let you paint intuitively like on paper. The appearance can be changed with just a few clicks and if I don't like it, there is still the "undo" option.



I have already saved a lot of paper since I‘ve started using the iPad Pro, but I don't want to tell you how much that is until the end of the year.


In the meantime I will share a few tips on saving paper on my social media channels and on my Homepage, and of course I'm happy if you participate. Even small things like writing your grocery list on your cell phone can save a lot of paper, believe me!