Vanessa Brünsing aka. Buttafly
Photography by Lena Reiner

Vanessa Brünsing was born as half Zambian, half German on the 28th of September 1989, in Friedrichshafen, Germany. She got the chance to grow up in 6 different Countries (Uganda, Turkey, Israel, Abu Dhabi, Germany, Greece) and to visit a lot of places around the world (Zambia, Namibia, Columbia, Hungary, Japan, Jordan, France, England, Kenya, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Dubai, Qatar...) All the experiences which Vanessa made during her stay in all those countries, made her see the whole world as her home and not only where she was born.


Vanessa expresses her love through her Paintings, but also her worries. There are so many influences, that a lot have forgotten the difference between good and bad. The colors which are chosen for the paintings, represent different emotions to strengthen the messages. Vanessa Studied Graphic-Design in Germany, but 2013 Vanessa felt like she had to get away from a Commercial form of Art to a more Traditional Art.


That was the Start of BUTTAFLY