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Are you interested in a personalised Mural ? Then feel free to contact me. We can talk about you desires and my possibilities. It would be helpful for me to know some Facts about the images and preferred colours ,the Sizing, how detailed you want it to be, the structure of the Surface the Mural will end up on and a rough available Budget. This way i’ll be able to make you a not binding offer, which reaches your personal wishes. 


When it comes to a commission, i’ll create a digital draft, which will be individually adjusted to your Walls and wishes.

It is of course possible for companies to include the Corporate Design in Mural paintings. 


You will recieve a Draft per e-mail. After taking insight, you can either give me your OK or express your existing change requests. One correction is included in the first Draft.  As soon as you like the Draft, we will set a Deadline for the implementation and will discuss all further preparatory measures. 


I will paint your very personal Artpiece in my unique Style. Through my years of Experience, i work reliably, detailed and conscientious. This way you will also have a long holding Joy with your very own Mural. 


e-Mail: [email protected]  

Tel.: +49 (0)152 53 861 865

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